React, React-Native, GraphQL, Node, PosgreSQL, MongoDB…

We know as a developer you have an insatiable appetite to learn new skills, frameworks, languages and tools to accelerate your growth and impact in the work you do.

At RED Academy, we’ve developed a proprietary education philosophy called the RED Method which balances technical & collaborations skills that compliment and accelerate the work you’re already doing in your work and self-taught projects. 


Web & App Development course with RED Academy Toronto

The RED Method 
to Web & App Development

You’re a developer.
So we know how important it is for your to test and validate your research.

Here is what the data from HackerRank & StackOverflow is telling us: 

But Don't Just Take
Our Word For It

Accelerated Learning

Experience the industry’s only 12 week integrated Web & App programs.

Work directly with real clients and their development projects.

4.48/5 on CourseReport

9% of developers attribute their level of coding skills to accelerated learning programs.

Career Growth

10% of developers have taken courses to level up outside of their work & self-taught projects. 

Programming Knowledge

Developers between 18-24 want to master 6  programming languages.

Attend a real sampler class to get a taste for what RED Academy is like.
Connect with our Dev program instructors personally.
Come in for a tour of the RED Academy space. 

What Our Developer
Graduates Are Saying

"I had a great experience at RED Academy, the 6-month course for full stack development was difficult, but it's what to be expected at a boot camp with so much material to go through. It is an absolute asset, to not just be able to understand the material given to you, but to be able to know the right questions and what to look for to accomplish the task given to you."

John W, Graduate, Full Stack Developer Professional (Course Report)

“My hiring process was a whirlwind - I went to 5 or 6 networking events the two weeks around the program ending and starting chatting with some people who worked at Avenue. I got a phone interview, chatted with the Sr Developer at a hiring fair, then by Thanksgiving I had started my new job! RED not only helped teach me the hard coding skills I needed, but the soft skills necessary to do these networking events and meet my future team. I'm officially a convert to the power of networking."

Kat S, Full Stack Developer Professional Graduate, Junior Full Stack Engineer at AvenueHQ

85% of RED Dev Graduates Find a Job Within 3 Months.

Join a highly collaborative classroom with coaching from industry leading instructors.



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